Dashboard overview

App Overview

After installing VerbiAI on your Shopify store, you will be directed to the optimization page where you will see a list of your products. You can navigate through your collections, pages, blogs, and blog posts using the navigation box on the top left.

Under the navigation box, you will find an instructions box that will help you get started quickly. Pay attention to the yellow and red dots, as they indicate areas that require action in the main resources list. A red dot indicates that the content for this resource needs improvement, while a yellow dot indicates that the content is okay but could be improved. By using the edit button on the right, you can resolve these issues with VerbiAI's powerful content generation. A green dot indicates that the content is good and requires no further action.

You can also see your plan details in the third box on the left. You can start using the app for free for content generation up to 5000 words and 5 limited resources.

On the left side where Shopify apps are listed, you will find sub-pages under VerbiAI. The main page is "Optimize". You can change your generated content language from "Preferences" and upgrade your plan from the "Plans" page.

In the next section, you will learn how to generate SEO descriptions for your store's resources.